Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Schematic

Solar Pool Heating Schematic

If you own a swimming pool, solar pool heating could dramatically decrease the cost of heating your pool while providing you autonomy as natural and reliable as the sun itself.   The combination of solar thermal collectors using building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] to pump water through a solar thermal collector translates to independence and peace of mind.

Whether you are a millionaire with multiple hotel properties or the one in charge of managing the family pool, your primary concern is to assure comfort, convenience and reliability for your family or patrons.  With increasing energy industry mismanagement, a volatile electricity market, global warming, increased natural disasters, terrorism and even war on the horizon, there is a strong chance that high electricity prices and blackouts may be realistic factors influencing your management decisions.    Isn’t it nice to know that even in today’s unpredictable world, there is one solution that can and will make your investment highly predictable, reliable and affordable for thirty years or more?


With nearly 1/3 of the average residential electricity bill devoted to heating water, a solar pool heating system is one of the smartest investments you can make for your pool.  It can also heat the water for other uses at your home or in your building.   Solar hot water systems can supply an average of 80-90% of a household’s annual water heating needs.   It is comforting to know that you and yours will enjoy hot water even in a power outage.   A large portion of a hotel’s daily budget is expended for hot water.   How many patrons appreciate dependable hot water that expands your resources for service with savings?   No matter where you live or what your need, you can and will benefit from using a solar thermal system to heat your swimming pool.  When you add an outdoor shower for youngsters and the pool, make sure it is solar-heated.

There are many solar pool heating options available on the market.  What type of solar thermal system will you use?   This will greatly depend on what is most important to you.  Is it the price, warranty, appearance, the ease of installation, maintenance or your control over system construction?   While considering the many options, you will likely encounter the highly popular tube and porcelain hot water heaters many of which have a full parts and labor warranty for the lifetime of the system.   If you have a streak of ingenuity, you may wisely decide to engineer your own solar collectors with PVC pipe enclosed in a wooden or synthetic structure covered with glass.  Whatever you decide, solar pool heating systems are easy to install and maintain.   There are no complex mechanical or electronic components to wear out.   The equipment can be easily designed to blend in with the architecture of your home or building.

The investment for solar pool heating is low to very low but the rewards are many.  Most solar systems will pay for themselves in 3-5 years.  Your goal is high performance, pleasing design, trouble-free maintenance and maximum energy savings.   One precaution, you will be spoiled by a well maintained solar thermal pool heater.  We highly recommend that you document the electricity savings to reduce remind you daily and in thirty to fifty years why you want to invest in replacing or renovating your solar pool heating system.