3 Ways To Put The Sun To Work At Home

The sun is the power source that drives all life on Earth. Instead of relying on a terribly long chain of middlemen (like oil companies and fossilization) to deliver the sun’s energy to your home, why not go directly to the source? You can make your home more self-sufficient, environmentally-friendly, and cheap to run by taking advantage of modern solar power technologies and techniques. This article will give you three ideas to get you started.

First of all, you’ll find that the cost of heating and cooling your home (often the lion’s share of your home energy bill) is far lower if your house is built using passive solar design principles. Obviously, this is not a weekend home-improvement project, but it’s definitely something you should keep in mind if you have a large-scale renovation in your future. If you intend to build a house of your own someday, passive solar techniques can make it exceptionally cheap to run.

The philosophical principle that guides passive solar design is harmony. It’s all about making your home fit its environment. A properly-designed passive solar house will retain heat in the winter and protect you from it in the summer. This is accomplished through a variety of clever design choices: Floor slabs are laid extra-thick to retain heat during cold periods. The roofs and windows of the house are carefully oriented so that they catch less of the summer sun and more of the winter light. Passive venting systems in the attic help keep a blanket of insulating air between the roof and the interior during the summer months. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to experiment with sun power in a way that doesn’t require quite as much dedication (not to mention money!) as a full-on passive solar design, you can look into the possibility of installing solar panels on your roof. These are high-tech generators that convert sunlight straight into electricity using efficient chemical reactions. Although solar panels have been around for decades, you will be amazed at the advances that are being made in efficiency and affordability today. Modern solar cells are efficient enough that homeowners in virtually any latitude and climate can realize some energy savings by installing them. If your house is ideally situated, you might even be able to power your home and generate surplus electricity (and realize a tidy profit on it!) with a good set of solar panels.

For the quickest, cheapest way to put the sun to work for you, take a look at the possibility of installing a solar water heater. This is not that different from an ordinary gas or electric heater, except for the fact that it sends your water through a set of black sun-absorption panels on your roof before it heats it. The radiant energy that the water absorbs brings it closer to its ideal temperature, and it costs you less to heat it the rest of the way. Putting in a solar water heater is a great way to take your first steps into the world of solar power.

Although this article has hopefully been informative, there is plenty more for you to learn about solar power. By checking out all of the different resources available, and all of the potential uses for solar power around the house, you’ll be sure to find a tempting project to try out in your own home. Go ahead and find the solar power solution that best fits your needs!