Which Green Energy System Is Right For You?

Are you thinking about investing in a green energy system? Solar? Wind? Hydraulic? Geothermal? Lets learn more about the different forms of green energy available.

Solar panels are a popular option, especially in the southwestern United States. If you live in a sunny area, you should have a professional look at your property and assess how much exposure to the sun you get. You may need to optimize your exposure to the sun. When it comes to solar panels, there are several different kinds, and the most efficient ones are usually the most expensive too. Take the time to compare the different products available: you will probably find that some mono-crystalline panels are your best option in term of price and efficiency. The number of panels you need will depend on your energy consumption, which is why you need to assess your needs before getting a green energy system.

Solar panels are probably the first thing that you are going to want to divert your attention towards. This is because solar panels can convert the amount of power you consume off the grid down to almost zero. What is great about solar panels is that they are now becoming very affordable these days.

There is still a lot of promise in wind energy. Wind power is still very popular these days, and it is great to use it to power your home. Consider investing time and money into wind power devices that will help your home stay powered. You have to have a little bit of extra space in your yard for wind power, but it will benefit you in the long run.

Using small wind turbines should be a good option if you live in an area where the wind is constantly blowing and is at least 10 mph strong. Usually, properties located near a lake or an ocean get enough exposure to the wind to justify the installation of a wind turbine. The size of the wind turbine you choose will determine how much power you will be able to generate with it. Assess your needs and choose a wind turbine that corresponds to your needs. Usually, a vertical wind turbine that can be installed on your roof is the best choice for homeowners.

There is a lot of interest in hydroelectric power and micro-dams these days. Check with your local city hall and government offices to see if they are offering any type of programs for your area.

Hydraulic energy is an excellent option if there is running water on your property. The strength of the current will determine how much energy you will be able to generate with your hydraulic system: perhaps you could make the stream a little larger to increase the strength of the current. Your best option is to go to a hydraulic energy specialist and have him or her build you a customized system that will correspond to your needs and to the resources available on your property. Building a hydraulic system generally requires you to get permits from your local government: find out more about local regulations before you get started.

If you have purchased a property with a geothermal source located under it, you should seriously look into using this resource.

Do more research on these different forms of green energy and assess your needs and resources carefully. Have a professional assess the resources available in your area and take the time to find out more about different products and compare different solutions. Keep in mind that a green energy system will help you save money on the long term: be prepared to make payments on your system for the next ten years or so before you really start saving money.

When you decide to convert your home to green, it is for the better. Try your best to use at least use one of the options presented here and by doing so, you will live a more sustainable life.